NipEnvy Nipple Covers

Staying modest, confident, and comfortable shouldn’t be a challenge. The only pasties you’ll ever need, our hypoallergenic nipple covers are made for women of all shapes and sizes.


Ultra-Natural Fit

Designed to follow the natural contours of every woman’s breasts, these adhesive nipple covers look and feel natural. You won’t have to worry about creases and folds showing through!


Comfortable & Secure

Say goodbye to nip slips with these reusable pasties for women! Backed with an ultra-strong skin-friendly adhesive, these stay in place and cover a generous 3″ diameter!

For All-Day Wearing

Made to cling up to 8 hours on your skin, these nipple stickers stay dry and secure no matter how much you move. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about readjusting them!

Convenient & Simple

Easy to use and wear, these reusable nipple covers for women stick to skin in 10 seconds. Just press them firmly against your breast for a while to release air, and you’re set!

A Hygienic Choice

Made with high-quality skin-loving silicone, these ultra soft and smooth nipple pasties won’t absorb moisture. Just clean them by hand with soap and water to keep them fresh!